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15 of the Cutest Cat in a Box Photos!

I know, i know. It's only January and yet here we are, we can't stop obsessing about our cute feline friends and all the wacky things they do! :D So to kick off 2020, we are starting our blog with the cutest cat in a box photos we found on Instagram!  These kitties are not only wacky, they are also super cute and adorable!  Time to follow these furbabies right here!


@kittycatsoulfood - What an angelic kitty in a box! 

@jojojoycelam - Please do not disturb me! I am comfy here! 

@mr.puff_daddy- Even if i  don't fits, i sits! 

@dickthepersian - I am inspired to sing everytime i'm in my favorite spot: the box!

@cocopenny297 - Even when i don't fits, I still sits! 

@reverethecat - This  is what the purrfect box party looks like! 

@mileyandstassi - Peek a Boo! 

@kiro_and_todi - When you are so beautiful you make boxes of all types look beautiful as well

@yuka19_tiara - When you don't need a caffeine fix because you've got your feline to wake you up! 

@otisandflint - Because boxes are the purrfect toys for hide and seek 

@_sir.archibald_ - Please do not disturb me while i'm having my own box party

@mr_jaxandopie - If there's a will, there's a way! 

@furrygambit You're welcome Karen, use getting me a box as an excuse for your obsessive compulsive online shopping

@itsziggycat - When you know you can get away with anything

@the3catzcateerz - Happiness is whenever I am in a box! 

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