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15 of the Cutest Labrador Puppy Photos that will make you forget about COVID

Wow, we can't believe it's almost end of July! Where did the first half of 2020 go? Oh, of course... the global pandemic took over the entire world and had us all worried and living in fear. Yea who knew the entire world and how we live could change quickly, just like that!

But we are not here to talk about that. In this article, we want to take your attention away from all of the negativity in the media and instead, give you happy thoughts. And what better way to bring a smile to anyone's face other than cute cat photos? Cute labrador puppy photos! We have curated 15 of the cutest Lab photos we found on Instagram so here you go. Check them out and make sure you follow them!


1.  @labrador.content - We're pretty sure this box loving pup is a cat by heart! 

2. @labnamedmoose -  Them eyes that will make your heart melt! 


3. @summer_of_heidelberg - Never have I seen such a gorgeous puppy even when asleep!

4. @lorian_labradors - that adorable face that can get away with anything!

5. @neo_the_one_lab - I don't care what's in the matrix, I would go down in it every single time with Neo this cute!


6.@browniethechocolabbkk - do you have treats for me please? *cutest puppy dog eyes*

7. @flynn_the_dudley_labrador - The cutest thing you'll find underneath the table - EVER.

8. @steele_the_silver  - I am the most beautiful silver lining in the midst of this global pandemic

9. @cooperthecountsurfer - I'll make your work from home so much better with all of my love and snuggles

10. @chalkpondretrievers - Doesn't matter what colour it is, LAB is LOVE


11. @englishlabhank - Not all angels come with wings - some come with paws


12. @denver.apache_adventures - The best therapist has Fur and Four Legs


13. @yeti.thesilverlab - A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself 

14. @hello_it_remi - God gave us dogs because he knew we would need guardian angels we could hug.

15. @labnamedmoose - Dogs are miracles with paws

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