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The Most Loved Calming Pet Bed

It mimics a mother's fur coat & helps calm your pets

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It's Never Just a Dog or a Cat. They are Family ❤️

Our fur babies give us a lot of unconditional love so they deserve only the best love and care. We understand you want the best for them. We know. We are pawrents too! 

Our Calming Pet Bed Feels Like a Mother's Love

So how would you like to see your fur baby live a longer, happier, healthier life?

Besides a good diet and exercise, a deep sleep is one of the best experiences you can give your fur babies. A good, comfortable sleep is essential to their overall well-being.

A hard surface or uncomfortable sleep position could lead to aching neck, sore muscles or even night terrors. All these could all affect your fur baby and make them feel tired, uncomfortable, anxious or in pain. The good news is by giving them a good, soft, comfortable bed to rest in, you avoid these kinds of potential issues.

This is where our bed comes in.

Designed to mimic a mother's fur coat, it feels like being wrapped in mother's love, offering your pet a truly unique experience. See your fur baby sleep and rest like never before as they feel  warm, safe and secure while easing excess stress and anxiety.

Giving your pets the ultimate sleep comfort is giving them a great shot at a healthy, happy, long life.

Dog Anxiety is Very Real. It Affects 1 in 4 Four Dogs on a Daily Basis.

Calming Dog Bed - Fur Baby Solutions (Best Calming Dog Bed in the market)
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Our Calming Pet Bed is a natural remedy to reduce your dog's stress from separation, thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, loneliness, and reactivity. It also is the perfect snuggle bed for your cat who sleeps for about 2/3 of their lives. 

Calming Cat Bed - Fur Baby Solutions (Best Cat Bed in the market)

Fun Fact: Cats sleep for about 2/3 of their lives

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What do PAWrents love about our Calming Pet Bed?

calming dog bed

Calms, Relaxes, Soothes & Eases Anxiety

Designed to mimic a mother's fur coat, it gives them that sense of warmth and safety that can only come from a mother's love. The raised rim creates a sense of security while providing optimal head and neck support to aid in muscle and joint pain relief. 

Superior Comfort

Featuring a luxurious faux fur exterior tailored with durable nylon fabric, your pet will be treated to comfort most humans could only dream of.

Versatile Design

The delicate, minimalistic design makes this a perfect addition to any space! Our bed also features water and dirt resistant bottoms, making clean ups easy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As part of our growing fur family & community, when you order from us, you are backed by our world class Customer Service Support who will make things right for you should there be any issues! So order now, worry-free!

Best Calming Bed - Fur Baby Solutions (Best Calming Pet Bed)

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My 2 Dachshunds absolutely love this bed! Even when we go to the vet, i have to take it so they feel calm and relaxed.  I had to buy more as gifts to my parents' dogs and cats!

Jamie Marshall, Houston, TX, USA

My cat hates beds and never sleeps on any of the beds I bought him. He would rather take up his space on my bed. That all changed when I got this bed for him! It's super soft and calming. He never leaves it! Great product!

Fiona Jackson, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

My dog is a senior Jack Russell. As a senior dog, he has problems everywhere. I had to get him this bed to make him comfortable and he loves it! Worth every penny! 

Angie Brown, Toronto, Ontario, Canada